We were invited by our friends at Childish Books, an independent publisher creating, celebrating, collecting, and caring for "childish" artist books & zines, to co-table at the 2022 San Francisco Art Book Fair!

We shared our Learning Terrarium resource booklet,  Homegrown Totes, and   Play Gardens cassette tapes for a solid three days alongside the equally beautiful and playful creations published by CB.

More about  Learning Terrarium:

From the messy waves of our first program, late night texts, google drive folders of screenshots, pdfs, zoom recordings… We’ve reflected on all Homegrown could be, was, and is– and compiled it all in our very first booklet. 

҉ ‧₊˚ Homegrown Learning Terrarium ‧₊˚ ҉ is a collection of resources, readings, field notes, and exercises on community education spaces (from the Black Panthers’ Oakland Community Learning Center to autonomous Zapatista education), facilitating intergenerational learning, and imagining new possibilities outside of the standardized education system. It is for young people, folks who love ‘n work with the youth in our lives, and anyone curious about youth-centered, education justice work. 

Thank you to Irrelevant Press for publishing and to Stacey Uy, Luisa Martinez, Stephanie Aguila, Arianne Alizio, and Kelly Dong for your input, words, and resources. We have sold out of all physical copies (!) but if you would like to receive it in digital form, please reach out to us. 

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Sophie (16), who co-hosted our 2021 book launch and teach-in at Libélula Books, holding down the table <3