Planting Seeds, Growing Futures

    Nourished by our elders, educators, and community leaders,
    we are the soil for local youth to take root in and sprout from.


    Building ecosystems...

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    Help us grow Homegrown!

    Homegrown has proven to be a big dream radical imagination project lovingly supported by community. Our facilitators, interpreters, mentors, and youth teams have all become part of the Homegrown ecosystem, and we're looking to continue expanding.

    We need your help to support youth facilitators launch and sustain the programs they have dreamt up and built over the last several months. We are also planning for additional Homegrown programming and sustaining the project long term!


      Homegrown Youth Collaborative is a cross-border and multigenerational collective growing an alternative space to learn, create, and imagine outside of the traditional education system.