We Grow Together
To us, being “intergenerational” and “youth-led” are not mutually exclusive. We believe knowledge is best shared horizontally: we learn from our elders and our elders learn from us. As we build our programs and grow our youth-centered ecosystem, Homegrown depends on collaboration with non-youth in the community who have access to knowledge, resources, and skills to share.  

Accessible Mentorship

We are building a public directory of (mostly) non-youth artists, educators, organizers, leaders, and community members who are committed to answering questions, sharing resources, + building connections with local young people. We hope having a directory open to the community helps encourage a genuinely non-judgemental and multi-generational learning dynamic.

To view our current directory of friends, click here.If you are interested in being a part of this project in any of these capacities, please email admin[at]homegrownyouthcollab.com with why you’re interested, background information, and a link to your work (if possible).