By Us, For Us, With Us

Young people are at the helm of our decision-making processes.

Intergenerational space. We depend on non-youth with access to resources to build tools, networks, and platforms for us to use and adapt as we see fit

Teaching and Learning Revolution

Disrupting traditional teaching methods by taking control of what we learn + how we learn it

Agitating, organizing, and mobilizing youth and multigenerational folks who are not yet apart of organizations or programs

Nuturing community organizing + learning skills in practical, creative, and accepssible ways

Amplifying and prioritzing the needs of women, non-binary, Black, and Indigenous youth

Creating a safe space for us to play, explore, experiment, and fail together

Skill Sharing / Mentorship

Creating an intergenerational ecosystem of knowledge

Building on the skills of our elders in organizing, creating, and collectively surviving

Providing direct access to experienced non-youth within the community

Connecting Youth

To each other

To other platforms, organizations, opportunities, and spaces

To larger movements in the fight to abolish racial capitalism, imperialism, settler-colonialism, and all forms of oppression

Resource Sharing

Funding youth-led projects

Financially + occupationally supporting youth through paid learning opportunities

Providing access to tools through an equipment library

Collaborating across borders

Sharing a safe, physical space (in the future!)