Experimental, Intergenerational, and Youth-Centered

Based out of occupied Kumeyaay lands, colonially known as San Diego ~ Tijuana, Homegrown Youth Collaborative is a cross-border intergenerational community education project. We co-create alt-schooling and popular education programming at the intersections of learning, community building, organizing, and art.

We recognize young people as already being at the helm of our own futures + stories, and have built the foundations of this resource for youth to be able to play, experiment, and explore our own visions at a pace and style that is led by youth. We see this as an intergenerational, sandbox space that fosters collaboration and learning between youth of different ages as well as non-youth artists, activists, educators, and leaders in the community.

Working much like a tree, we are grounded in our commitment to revolutionary educational praxis, and extend past our core values into a multitude of branches that represent our programs, workshops, and projects– each led by and centered on marginalized youth– all while being rooted in the local culture, land, and people that make up our community. We view our local communities as a garden, and we hope our organization functions as the soil for local youth to take root in and sprout from.

We are a supportive platform for young people in San Diego ~ Tijuana to create the programs, organizations, learning spaces, and projects of their dreams.